Oh My Aching Feet (Or Why Are My Dogs Biting Back)

Its an epidemic! People have aching, hurting and abused feet! Do you? Lets do something to keep those doggies from biting you back.

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I am weird. I like to go to the mall to watch people walk...probably the same genes that led me into physical therapy. I see many things (some I wouldn't put on paper). There are people wearing old worn out shoes that should be thrown out. We put alot of miles on our feet everyday and much of that is on concrete or other punishing surfaces. Shoes have cushioning in the soles and this wears out in about 300-500 miles. That is about 6 months if you are sedentary and less if you are active. So, tell your spouse - I am giving you a reason to get new shoes!

The summer is coming and we all get out those little skimpy shoes and sandals. They sure are cute but they make our feet cry out after a day of walking. Don't dispare! I can help you keep your feet ready for action with just a few exercises. 

1.  Find a friend who plays tennis and ask her for a tennis ball (they only use them for a match or two and look pretty new).  Hold onto the counter and place the tennis ball under one foot. Oh, I forgot, you have to take you shoes off. You want to put as much weight on the ball as you can tolerate - it should be slightly uncomfortable.

Next, roll your foot over the ball and just behind the balls of your feet, then along the outside of the foot to the middle of your heel. Make sure you stay in front of the heel bone though - that could be painful! Last, roll your foot over the ball and along the outside of you foot to the starting point. This will release the fascia on the bottom of your foot and keep you from getting plantar fasciitis. Repeat with other foot.

2. When our feet are mistreated, they stop talking to our brain. This means that our foot muscles stop doing what they were placed on our body to do, walk with good form. Who is in charge here, anyway, your feet or you? Hopefully the answer is you. So, try this exercise to bring your feet back into the fold. Remember, they will not listen at first but keep working on it and they will get better!

Stand up with your weight equally balanced on your feet. Spread your toes but keep them on the floor. Do this 10 times. Remember, your feet will try not to do what you are telling them. Keep trying.

Next, lift your big toes and keep your other four toes on the ground. repeat 10 times. Then lift your other four toes and make your big toe stay on the ground. Keep working. You can do it!

3. When you get good at these exercises, share them with the world. I call these exercises "The Foot Party". So, Have a party and get everyone doing "The Foot Party"! And then go out and walk in those cute shoes without pain.