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Your body, without pain and moving the way it should, in balance.

Holistic Physical Therapy is about looking at your whole body and helping you balance your whole body. Our culture tells us that when we grow older or when we participate in sports or exercise it is normal to live in pain. This does not have to be true. When we look at your body, we look at how the whole body functions and help to restore the normal function through myofascial release, movement therapy, exercise, nutrition and education.

Services and Pricing

A Holistic Physical Therapist understands that there are many components to overcoming pain and dysfunction. So to that end, I work on the whole body to achieve the best balance possible. This may embrace a variety of treatments including education, muscle balancing through exercise and movement therapy and myofascial work. Kinesiotaping and orthotics - over the counter and casted are available.

Myofascial Release

  • Traditional Direct Release Techniques

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Positional Release

  • Strain Counterstrain

  • Instrument Assisted Release


  • Blog

  • Movement Therapy Class

  • Women’s Strengthening Class

  • Herb Classes

Other Services

  • sports medicine (25 years of experience in return to play)

  • specializing in helping patients who have not improved with traditional PT

  • orthotic fitting and casting

  • supplements from Garden of Life and Nordic Naturals

  • medicinal herbal teas and salves

  • Fall risk assessment and balance training

  • Kinesiotap[ing


  • Physical Therapy - one on one - $70/hour

  • Physical Therapy - one on one - accepting Anthem BCBS, Medical Mutual, Medicare, Frontpath

  • Myofascial Bodyworkincluding Craniosacral Therapy, Positional Release and other forms - $70/hour

  • Kinesiotaping$15/area (only charged if not currently a patient)

  • Orthotic Casting/Assessment - $120 for casting, gait assessment and preparation. You pay the lab for orthotics (typically $130 - $150) for a total of  around $270 - $300.

  • Movement Therapy Classes - $13/class or $65/6 class card

  • Senior Health Evaluation - $70 - waved if Physical Therapy is needed and booked

  • Herb Classes - priced per class

Upcoming Workshops and Classes