Should I Worry About The Future of The World? (Or Should I Keep Going to Yoga so I don't Give a D__m?)

I was listening to NPR today and the writer of some vampire movie was taking about how this movie stands for the sad shape the world is in. Really? What exactly was he talking about? I wondered, did he really think there were vampires running around ruining the world? Its not a wonder that I don't read the newspaper...well, I do read the local obituaries once a week but I have never seen a vampire listed. I digress, though. I probably would know that vampires are ruining the world if I would read the newspaper once in a while. 

CNN leads me to believe that the world is falling apart because Russia is on the move and the US legislature is comprised of a majority of people who think there is no such thing as global warming and the middle class isn't falling off the edge onto the top of poor people. 

I NEED MY YOGA.....I NEED MY YOGA.... I will be downstairs doing yoga if anyone is looking for me. There, I knew that would make me feel better... Breathe out as you raise your leg and inhale as you lower it.... watch your mountain head, Martha.....Cobra pose to downward dog.

Savasana.................................................................... What? Did I fall asleep? I was snoring? Whoops?

Camomile and lavender tea. Yoga and tea and, there, now..... The world is changing. I see it. There ARE more and more people who are leaving big business or staring down the establishment - THE MAN! Yay, not taking it from the man. They are showing that they can make a difference in this world. There are people in this world who are not stressing, but are aware and making decisions that are socially and environmentally responsible and would do that even if it means they won't get rich. They are finding that this movement is changing others social consciousness. Poison food is bad so we can do better than that or lets help people make gardens and show them what good food tastes like and that people care about other people. 

The world through my yoga eyes is coming back into focus. Thank you yoga. And thank you to my dog Earl for helping me with my yoga and allowing me to realize that laughter and yoga do go together. Earl, that downward dog does include licking your dog mom on the face and making her laugh. What a good life I have.