Is Your Car More Important Than Your Body?

Lets say your car just hit a pothole. Not such a wild thought with the winter many of us have experienced this year. Two minutes after you hit the hole, you see the air pressure alarm go off and then immediately your car starts limping along and you know that your tire is flat. You have it changed and then the next day you take the tire to get fixed and the man says the hole is on the sidewall and can't be fixed. You sigh and pull out your credit card.

You make sure you get gas every week. You change the oil and rotate your tires when needed. You wash your car and vacuum it out when dirty. You do this because you know your car will last longer if you take care of it. Right?

Why is it then that you don't apply the same principal to your body? We ignore the maintenance that we need to get through life in good condition. I don't know how many people I see in the parking lot of the mall or grocery store walking with a wobble or bent over in the middle due to back problems. They get out of a clean, relatively new car and waddle their poor neglected body into the store. 

It goes farther than that. We wouldn't even think of not replacing our brakes because a lack of braking when we really need it might cause an accident and seriously injure or kill us or somebody else. But I see more than a third of the population walking around with excessive weight and are not doing anything about it. 

If we filled our cars up with Koolaid instead of gas our car wouldn't run so we buy gas even if it is expensive nowadays. We hear that processed foods are bad for our bodies  but buying processed foods are cheaper than buying good fruits and vegetables so we keep filling up on the "Koolaid" that we wouldn't think of putting in our car. 

Our bodies are a temple...the only temple we will have for our whole lives. We complain about how expensive it is to eat right or how expensive it is to pay out of our pocket for good one on one therapy or massage to keep our body healthy or get it healthy after an injury.  

When your body is damaged it never fixes itself to 100%. After you have had a heart attack or have diabetes, damage is done.  Please take a little time and spend a little money to keep your body healthy. You can't trade it in on a new model. Don't wait until tomorrow - it may be too late.

Love yourself as much as you love your car. Find a good mechanic for your body!