Sorry, You are Just Getting Old!

There is nothing that grinds me more than when I go to any medical professional because I am having a problem and they tell me that it is inevitable. “You are getting old.” Because I am in my mid 60’s, should I or anyone be treated differently than someone 40? Or 30? Have we done this to ourselves? Have we just figured that as we get older, we should be weaker or not move as well? We shouldn’t climb a ladder because our balance isn’t as good? Why isn’t it as good? Because we are older or because we aren’t challenging it the way we used to? Do many health care providers now expect less of your health just because you are older?

I don’t think that should be a given. If I go to a health care provider who doesn’t help me the same they would a 30 year old, I would have to find someone who will give me that care. My passion is balancing the body of any person that comes to me. I don’t care what their age or problems, we will set goals to get them to the best level possible. I expect a lot from my patients and I hope that any caregiver that I have will put that energy into my care. And you should expect that also.

It is not inevitable that you will get more decrepit as you get older. That is why we should look at the body as a whole. To balance it. The sooner we look at the body as a fine tuned system that will keep going if we put the right fuel in it and we keep it balanced and tuned like a fine sports car, the longer that body will purr and perform for us. This body is the only one we have and if we take care of it, we need to be able to have caregivers who will use passion to teach us and help us keep it tuned.

Think about it. If your knee joint, for instance, is biomechanically balanced the cartilage won’t wear down and the joint will stay healthy. If it is unbalanced anywhere in the leg, hip or back, you will have pain and wearing down of the joint. That goes for any joint in the body. How can that joint be saved? The sooner you notice pain, get help in balancing the system. This includes releasing the fascial restrictions and strengthening in a balanced way. If you need to stretch things out,work with someone to learn how to do this properly. You will know if the person you are working with is helping you if you are doing what they tell you and you know why you are doing it. Most of all, if your pain resolves, you are seeing the right person.

Every person is different. You may be given some of the same exercises as the person next to you but if those are the right exercises, your pain should be getting better. You should feel more balanced and stronger. If you are more balanced, you should be more flexible because your fascia doesn’t have to work overtime to try to hold you in balance. That’s it. If you aren’t getting that care, call and schedule a consult with me. I expect people to move toward balance and I teach them why. I watch them exercise and correct them. I have passion and don’t use that excuse - “you are just getting old.” !