Too Much Information !?&@#!>! What Do I Eat and How Do I Get and Stay Healthy PART 1

When I was 45, the calendar flipped over to read 2000. It seems almost hilarious now that we were all going crazy with worry. There were about whether the electricity would work for some reason after the bell tolled 12:01. Our date systems at the time were digital as they are now. However, everything ran on a system that was set up something like 01/01/00 instead of 01/01/2000 . So when the digital systems flipped to the year 00, would everything shut down. We now always put the whole year on all digital dates.

We have come a long way since then. Or have we? Now there is so much digital information out there in the world that most of us aren’t sure what to eat to stay healthy or what we should do to stay strong and pain free. As we move into the last year in this decade, le’ts not get caught up in all the digital ?!@#> out there. Don’t listen to the little ads on the social media and the websites they refer you to on how to exercise and how to eat. Listen to that brain you were given!!

  1. Eat PURE Food. I hear patients and clients and friends complain all the time that they try this eating plan and they try that eating plan and they still have aching bellies, IBS, aching bodies. It really isn’t your fault if you are one of these people. The amount of information that is found on the internet makes it hard to know what is good and what is bad information. We get confused and then start to combine all sorts of information as we try to assimilate this. STOP READING.

    The truth is that all you need to do is eat food the way it is harvested. No processed foods. None. Don’t do it. It is that simple. Cows and other living things should be grass fed (if you eat meat). And veggies ,beans and fruit should be organic (grain should also be organic but not eaten often and only if you can tolerate it).

    So, eat only whole unprocessed food and make it organic.

  2. The Way We Grow, Process and Bake Grain Products is not healthy or good for your gut. Our gut holds 80% of our immune system and yet we mindlessly push food through our gut. In Europe, grains do not have chemicals sprayed on them just before harvesting to help them dry better and prevent mold. Chemicals that are being challenged in court for their properties that cause cancer!. Fermentation of breads in Europe is performed the age old way and take hours and days to process. We have spread that up and even “artisan” breads are processed in a very short time so that you can buy and eat these.

    So, the only grain you should eat , again, is unprocessed and organic.

In the next article, I will address exercise and biomechanics because - you don’t have to have pain as you age. REALLY!