The Pothole and The Excuse (or excuses keep you from solving problems)

As I was driving home today, my mind wandered. Cold weather has arrived and I harkened back to last year and the weather that encouraged pothole formation in the roadways. There was an outstandingly deep pothole close to my home. The area was not lit well, making for a challenge to keep my car's tires, wheels and axles in working order. It became a test every night as I drove home in the dark... could I intuit the hole and swerve before feeling and hearing the nauseating ka-chunk that meant damage to my car? I, luckily, never did hit the pothole or the millions (not an exaggeration) of other potholes on the roads around my house.


At the time I went to talk to the supervisor of my township to ask why this hole, that had been present for over a month, had not been filled with some cold patch. For goodness sake, I would fill it in if they would just give me a bucket of the patch. The answer I got was not an answer. It was an excuse and a poor one at that. We are working on a total road solution....there are so many.....the money to fix roads is meager....etc....etc. I don't want excuses and I imagine that you feel this way too. My mind kept returning to visions of my mom. She was the township supervisor for many years. If someone complained about a problem she would dive in and solve it somehow, working with whoever she needed to to get the problem fixed. She NEVER made excuses. She found solutions.


Why am I digressing to the topic of potholes and excuses and fixing problems? Well, I have worked with people for many years, first in physical therapy and for the past several years in nutrition and physical therapy. My one and only goal is to help people feel better. People, quite frankly, now a days feel atrocious thanks to our lifestyles and eating habits. Many people are like my mom. They are grateful to hear what they can do to change their situation and make their lives better. They do their exercises and change their diets and lifestyles. Granted, this takes many months and it is my job to point out improvements made and remind you where your are and where you have come from. It is important to focus narrowly on one small goal at a time. I am so there for you! Annie and Susan (you know who you are) are two women who are going to feel much better because they are ready to move forward. You go ladies! You are amazing! You have found your war plan and are pursuing it. You may have set backs but we will work together to help you accomplish your goals.


Unfortunately, there are people who make excuses for their poor health. Are you one of these people? This keeps you from setting goals, let alone achieving them. The pothole in the road took months to fill. The person in charge could have filled it easily because it was a relatively small but allowed themselves to become a victim of excuses. Are you a victim of excuses or can we work together and find a way to set goals and achieve them. Do you hear yourself saying any of the following? I am too family won't eat like that.....I forget....I don't cook.... ______________ (fill in your custom excuse).


You can only move forward when you quit making excuses. You can only solve problems when you quit making excuses. When you make excuses, you unknowingly shut out any solutions. Are you ready to stop making excuses? When you are, give me a call and we will break down the wall of defeat one small step at a time. You can be successful!