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 Reasons to Schedule an appointment with Martha Quiroga, mhs,pt

1.  You have a large health insurance copay - Martha always treats people one on one and usually for an hour. Where can you get that much treatment for $60? Martha sees people one time a week or less depending on their goals. That way clients have time to work on the exercises and postures we practice during their session. There is no repetition visit after visit. Once the client can perform exercises correctly, we move on. Unless the person seeing Martha chooses to work on ongoing wellness goals and /or chooses to continue with body work, the person will be better in fewer visits than a traditional setting.

2.  You have had traditional Physical Therapy and still have pain - Many times the person is taught exercises but the biomechanical problem hasn't been addressed. Using holistic manual and myofascial techniques and movement therapy, the balance of the body can be restored and pain will be eliminated. The therapists in traditional clinics are simply not given the time to treat the core problem and eliminate the cause of pain.

3.  Martha constantly upgrades her knowledge and skills to make sure that the person treated will be given the latest and best treatment. A functional approach to pain and alignment problems allows Martha to focus on the cause of the pain, not the symptoms and this allows the client to have a direct approach to getting and staying well.



Providing Holistic and Alternative Physical Therapy to Achieve Balance throughout your body and relieve pain.

In this crazy hectic world, we just don't take care of ourselves. We eat the wrong foods and understandably don't even know what to eat. We don't exercise enough and understandably don't even know what exercises we should focus on and which exercises are harmful.


We don't have time to take care of ourselves so we have back pain, poor posture and autonomic dysfunction. Chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, MS, and digestive diseases abound.  But we don't have to suffer like this. 

Moving into Freedom, LLC provides the tools to help you rebalance your life. We have classes including:

  • Movement Therapy Class - An experiential class providing tools for rebalancing your body and life. Movement Therapy for relaxation and to improve normal movement in your body.

    • The way we work, our hand dominance  form imbalances throughout our body as we move through life. These imbalances cause pain and when we have chronic pain, we stop listening to what our body is doing. This causes more pain and poor quality of movement.
    • Relieve stress in your life and in your body through light breathing exercises and body awareness
    • Become aware of those areas in your body where imbalances are present and begin to rebalance your system
    • Laughing isn't mandatory but will be present.
  • Seeking balance through herbal experiences - herbs are so much more than essential oils. learn why and how to use herbs for health.

Learn the qualities of different herbs - how to choose the right herb to get the effect you want. Learn how best to prepare the herbs for the treatment you want,  the best websites to learn and the best books to borrow or buy and where to get the best quality herbs. Setting up an herb garden and choosing your herbs. Take your herbal knowledge to the next step with this class. Hands on preparation is included.



Martha Quiroga

Martha Quiroga

  • Martha has spent the past 30+ years helping her patients and clients balance their bodies and more importantly teaching them why balance in their body and life is so important. She feels that there is so much more than taking care of the pain and giving exercises. Being very detail oriented in exercise performance and finding and correcting muscle and postural imbalances through myofacial release is very important and usually overlooked by therapists. She educates clients in how nutrition affects pain and she looks at restoring balance in movement. 
  • Martha feels that if people learn the right way to eat and are given the tools to eat properly, they will make the changes slowly and steadily and not have to "diet." 
  • Martha's pursuits are in medicinal herbs. This field is very exciting because it may hold the key to healthful living with fewer antibiotics and other medications. Herbal teas, tinctures and other concoctions go hand in hand with a lifestyle that looks at balancing your body systems to help balance your life!