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Holistic Physical Therapy uses a one on one model of care. You will usually be seen for one hour periods where you and the therapist can work on your goals. The therapist uses a combination of :

  • MYOFASCIAL RELEASE AND MYOFASCIAL MOBILIZATIONS including Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release to restore the fascia, muscles and tissue to its normal length. Craniosacral therapy to release deep levels of fascia.

  • MOVEMENT THERAPY AND GENTLE STRENGTHENING AND STRETCHING to restore the balance throughout the body. Even though pain may present in an area of the body, the problem may really be in an associated area. If we treat the body as a moving unit the pain and dysfunction can be cured for good.

  • KINESIOTAPING AND DYNAMIC TAPING: To help relax or restore muscles to fire normally

  • ORTHOTICS: Over the Counter and Custom Orthotics


  • SPORTS MEDICINE WITH A WHOLE BODY APPROACH -  Muscle and fascial imbalances are common with year round sports training. nagging pains worsen with time and play. The sooner these problems are found, the sooner optimal play can be restored. A whole body approach is needed because one injury affects the way the whole body moves.


The Physical Therapy you always wanted:

  • One-on-One attention at all times!

  • Hands on attention with exercises - using moVement therapy and gentle strengthening to restore balance!

  • Gentle manual therapy to relieve pain and dysfunction!

  • Option for ongoing, monthly visits to maintain wellness!

  • The goal is always to alleviate imbalances in the body!

I began Moving into Freedom, LLC  5 years ago to save MY sanity and to treat clients using a hands on and holistic approach. The clients and I set goals that are body balanced and functionally oriented. This means that we work on the imbalances present in the body that are causing the painful condition and correct the function that is usually causing the problem. Sometimes there are patients that come with chronic conditions.  Scoliosis or fibromyalgia  are some of my favorite because these people can be helped but need time to work on corrections and ask questions. 

Appointments are 55 minutes each (with rare exceptions). Together, we decide how often you come. Many times patients can be seen less often because of the hands on care. And many times problems can be corrected in a few visits (although you may love the hands on care so much, you may want to return occasionally for touch ups or a little relaxing myofascial massage). Techniques and treatments I use are:

  • Manual therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Movement therapy
  • Exercise
  • Bodymechanic training
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Nutrition