Movement Therapy Class

We all have imbalances that we pick up throughout life depending on our hand dominance, the repetitive chores or work we do. We can get out of balance from old injuries that were never sufficiently addressed and balanced. These cause aching or limping or pain with activity - it comes on gradually so many people don't even know it is happening until joints start wearing out or pain causes us to give up those activities we love.

Come join our gentle movement class and restore the movement you had when you were a kid.  Wear loose clothes and prepare for an hour of laughing, playing, and relaxing. Don't like to sweat? This class is for you!


Herb Classes

Played around with essential oils? Ready to learn more using the plants themselves. Learn the medicinal properties of the herbs you will be working with and the best ways to use these herbs. Then you will be assisted in making herbal concoctions. These classes change throughout the year so stay tuned for the next class.




Gentle Movement 

Gentle Movement